If the Democrats would have done in the early 1800s what they have been doing the last 60 years there would have been no Civil War… It saddens me and breaks my heart to see the Black Americans who suffered so much to become truly free, self sufficient with Loving Families and a Faith in God that carried them through hell on earth…all caused by Democrats wanting to keep Blacks in their place..Martin Luther King was leading the black people out of Egypt to Freedom and Liberty, but something happened along the way… just when you (Black Americans) were walking out of Egypt… The Pharaoh (Democrats) opened his storehouse of stolen treasures (Tax payers money)…(trinkets and shinny things) saying Come back I will give you Castles (High Rise Low Rent Housing Unites) Beautiful Towns (Ghettos and Slums) and Fine Wine (Drugs, Alcohol, Cheap Beer, Abortion to keep your population under control) and Abundant Wealth (Food Stamps and Unemployment, Welfare Checks just enough to pacify you and keep you quiet). And Pharaoh (Democrats) said we will give you leaders after you own kind (Poverty Pimps living off of your suffering, promising…Promising and Promising better days and they never seem to come… it seems they get richer and richer while nothing changes for you…so called leaders who get richer and richer while you stay in your poverty are no leaders…they are TYRANTS…THEY SAY VOTE FOR ME and I will cause the heavens to open and rain treasures down upon you… But all that rains down on you is death, gun fire, more poverty, young lives crushed under despair…You see the Democrats weaved a master plan to put you back on the plantation…not growing  their cotton or tobacco…they put you back on the plantation to grow your vote…to keep Pharaoh and the Leaders “THEY” set over you in power…power is control…control is Slavery…if only you would have said to Pharaoh 60 years ago…WE WILL NOT BOW DOWN TO YOU PHARAOH…WE HAVE FOUGHT A LONG HARD BATTEL FOR FREEDOM…WE ARE FREE AT LAST…but alas the lure of things, bobbles and security were too much to resist…after all… they call you out every 2 years to vote to keep them in power and then they send you back to your places…when you depend on others for your security you are in effect in a prison…totally dependent on Government and Democrats to take care of you…is slavery…

One more Question…..what is the difference between the Democrats owned Plantations of the South before the Civil War and the Democrat owned Ghettos, Slums. High Rise Low Rent Housing Projects of today???


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